Synchro Drive with 360 Degree Bumper

I have gone back into the RobotThoughts Lego Robot Database and pulled out some of my favorite Robot designs.

This Lego Robot has 360 degrees of bumper to account for the variable directions that the synchro drive allows this Lego Robot to take. Of course, the Mindstorms brick does bump detection and there are code examples included.

HaloBot Synchro Drive
This is another type
of a synchro drive
robot that has shown up in Lugnet
discussions. I used the bot shown at:
to begin the
chassis. Refer to that page for an
excellent disassembly of the
robot chassis.

I used two motors to
control the robot. One
provides power through a worm gear shaft
for the wheels to turn and the other motor
rotates the turntables using a pulley

This view of the
bottom shows the turntables.
Notice I cheated and only powered two of
the three wheels.

This robot features
a 360 degree bumper in that I
call the halo. The bumper runs
through a rotation sensor that is set
in NQC to raw input. Any push
against the halo triggers the avoid
behavior (see NQC code

This is a picture of
the worm gear shaft that
drives the power down to two of
the wheels.

A view showing the
motor mounts.
The NQC code is here.
is a AVI movie
of this robot.

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