Imperial Hover Tank

A leg up for the Empire.

Here is yet another
tank built from the Star Wars

The Imperial Hover
Tank features three cockpits and
lots of firepower. Two light sensors
on the front provide left-right
IR detection that tells the tank
which way to turn when it runs
upon an obstacle.

The back shows the
winged design.

Eight laser cannons
and armor adapted from the TIE
program make the Hover Tank
a formidable foe.

The middle cockpit
detaches to become a highly mobile
scout vehicle.

The underside actually
uses three wheels and fiber optics
to create the illusion of hovering.
I guess no one has created a true hover
craft out of Lego yet…hmmm.
Since this is controlled
by an RCX, I made a movie of it in action.
Click Here.

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