Lego Mindstorms NXT Holonomic Drive – Killough Platform – Rev 2

I updated my Lego NXT holonomic platform a bit. The main changes revolved around the orientation of the motors so I could get true 360 degree movement.


As you can see the motors now orient in a circle around the robot.


I tried two different mounts of the motors. A high mount, that gave good ground clearance but had less stability and a low mount, that was more stable, but required all tires/feet to be on the outside of the robot. The video below shows the differences.


Here is an example of a lower motor mount with the feet on the outside.


Another shot of the motor mounting and the feet.


I also added some cross bracing for the motors to my original triangle platform base.


Here is the video:

High-res photos are available in my Lego Mindstorms NXT Picture Gallery.

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  1. Robolab 2.9 December 31, 2006

    Nice, you have REALLY improved you old one.

    Does the vibrating give you less accurate results though?

    Robolab 2.9

  2. Rich January 5, 2007

    The vibrating does make navigation harder, but it reduces friction as the robot moves about so it is a bit of a trade off.

  3. TechFresh May 24, 2007

    Is it faster than a regular monitor?

  4. evan June 22, 2008

    could I have instructions for this holonomic nxt robot?my email is thanks!

  5. Troy Ostrander January 3, 2010

    Very nice work! Could I have instructions and program for this holonomic nxt robot? My email is Best, Troy

  6. Maximillian Züll December 27, 2010

    Very nice. I buildt a holonomic platform too, but I don’t know how to program it. May you mail me the program? My email is My respect.

  7. Focus March 15, 2011

    wow, wonderful! Could I have instructions and program for this holonomic nxt robot? My email is
    Thank you very much!

  8. RCHS Robotics January 13, 2012

    That’s awesome! I have a 4 motor holonomic platform built, but I have no idea how to program it. Could you help me by sending a sample program? My email is


  9. jesus carpio October 14, 2013

    building instructions please!!

  10. Jan Cuevas September 20, 2017

    Building instructions please

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