Killough Platforms

This was harder to build than it looks, but to see it in action is very rewarding.

Another Killough

When I first saw the
Killough Platform on this
, I thought, how useless. Until I built one…it is a
very interesting platform. For a good
primer on how to build one, see
Lego Designs.

My implementation
turned into a monstrosity
but was great fun.

I did not have enough
balloon tires to use for this
robot, so I modified the design for smaller

An interesting side
note, I did not want to use any
battery power to drive the fiber optic kits.
Instead I ran an axle through the
fiber optic kit to a spare 9v motor.
I then ran a power connector from
the motor to the fiber optic
kit. The spinning on the motor
provided enough power to light
the fiber optics. Cool.

You can see the
gearing that drove both the wheels and the fiber
optic kit.

is a movie of the thing in action!

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