Timmy The Robot

Timmy is one of my favorite creations.

This Bot was programmed
for a visit to a 3rd grade
and kindergarten class. It was a demonstration
designed to show kids what they
can build.

Timmy is a standing Torbot
design that uses touch sensors
to drive left and right hands and
a light sensor for ambient light detection.
If it gets too dark, Timmy screams. Two
motors control Timmy’s locomotion using
A-B steering and one motor controls the
right hand. A battery box and one other
motor drive a fiber optic set,
radar dish, propeller and several
worm gears that give Timmy a sense
of constant motion.

Here is a view of the
mess of wires behind Timmy.

This side shot shows the
rear tail and front bumper that
keep Timmy stable. There is a motor driven
claw-hand that can carry objects.
The hand is triggered by a touch sensor
on top of the claw.

The other side shows the
high-five hand that,
when triggered via
the touch sensor, causes Timmy to spin and
play a little tune.

Timmy integrates constant
motion and music. This combination
made for a robot that was a fabulous
entertainer for children.

Here is a Quicktime
movie of Timmy after a high-five:

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