Round Interacting Robots

Why do round robots look so much cooler?

Two Round Buddies
I wanted to create a
pair of robots to experiment
with RCX interaction.

I like to look of round
This guy features multi-colored
lights on the front that flash when
he finds another robot.

This little guy is perfectly

Two wheels make for easy
and skid plates keep him balanced.

You can just make out the
cables from the fiber optic unit
that lights up the front of this robot.

This robot has a more robust
train and interesting fiber optic
“hair” that lights up when another
robot is present.

I also tried a more oblong
for this robot.

You can make out a geared
power train
that stalls less in tough situations.

A different motor drives the
left and
right wheels on both robots. Lights
sensors provide IR obstacle detection
and the IR ports scan intermittently for
the pulse of the other robot.
I have not completely
the code for these robots, but here
is the working code for robot one
and robot two.

I also have a movie of robot one
and robot two displaying the
“found another robot” dance.

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