A Beautiful Implementation Of The Holonomic Drive

As you can probably tell, I like the holonomic drive as a platform for robotics. Be sure and take a second to check out this version of the platform with a very simple but effective wheel design:

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  1. hho0 June 15, 2007

    hey … its cool but do you know how to build a cluster wheel out with the NXT wheel? I dont know because i am used to building with RCX and i dont want to damage other parts. Please reply.

  2. Techfresh June 23, 2007

    The wheels lag a bit..but I like the whole concept of the robotic rsx. If they sold these I’d wanna buy one!

  3. Ray McNamara December 22, 2010

    Works surprisingly well…

    Like yourself I’ve had a love of Hollominic & Killough type Platforms for a long time. I was the instigator of having Rotacaster omni-wheels available for the Lego Technic & Mindstorms platforms. It’s been a great development ride and I’ve had fun building lots of Robots to demonstrate their capabilities.

    Feel free to visit my Blog: to see the Robots and Rotacasters in action.

    Keep them bots hatching!

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