Wireless Video Sender Camera Robot

A wireless, mobile camerabot.

The Roving Camera

I have been working on the right
solution for a roving, wireless video camera. Here is my best
attempt yet.


A quad treaded tank carries the
heavy payload. Three light sensors provide full IR radar coverage
and cause the robot to turn left, right, or back up. Four motors
provide the power to the treads. A separate battery box powers
the wireless video sender. The RCX battery alone would not
provide enough power to the camera, IR, light sensors and

The back shows the battery box and
excess wiring for the camera.

I mounted a single technic 16 stud
beam to the X10 Video Sender using two screws.

I then built a wide cage around the
video sender for easy mounting. I spliced a standard Lego power
cable to the 12v power supply cable that came with the video
sender. I will eventually find a better solution for power since
the video sender is rated at 12v and the Lego battery box only
provides 9v. The movie below shows the quality of the video from
the robot.

Parts List for Video:

Video Sender
X10 Video Receiver
X10 Small Video Camera (no audio)

DC10 video capture board

Lego Bricks!

Robot Video
(Mpeg format)

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