The Train Plunge

I have put together a small train station, an unfinished engine, a mindstorms carrying box car and a small freight car with freight. Let me know what you think!


Some pics of the station:

I purchased several of the Lego soccer sets and the parts called out for a train station.

The roof needed some skylights.

Passengers wait by the trash cans.

Everyone wants a ticket to ride.

I liked this telephone booth design.

This boxcar holds a Mindstorms Brick.


The guide bars along the top come from the Silver Champion.

The freight car…

It’s deep…

And holds freight…

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  1. lividd April 12, 2009

    wow, i luv my legos too, i never thought about combining my lego train sets with my mindstrm, now i cant sleep thinking about what the possibility’s are!

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