M-Leg Walker

Another take on the M-Leg walker design.

Another good idea from,
only this one is executed for torque, not speed.

WalkBot 4 – M Legged Walker

walker uses a M shaped leg system that gives the walker a semi-natural
gait. The best part about this walker is the single gear that drives
the entire leg assembly. Unfortunately, I used a worm gear to power
the leg assembly that resulted in serious speed problems for this walker.

One motor powers each
leg assembly to achieve A-B turning. There are two attached light sensors,
one for IR radar and one for black/white line detection. In addition
to IR radar a front mounted touch sensor can detect what the IR radar
misses in up close situations.

a fiber optic kit is driven by an axle extended from the right leg assembly.

Here is a
quicktime movie of this walker.

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