Walking Cranes

This was one of my first walking robots.

What would it be like
to drive a walking crane? How
would it move?
This is the idea that
started this project:

This design uses four
stationary legs and four moving legs.
The movement can be seen in the Quicktime
movie below.

If your problem scenario
has you wondering what it would be like
to drive something, then you will need
a driver to be your proxy.

This side shot shows
the hydraulic switch with a 40 tooth gear
that switches between open and closed on the
hydraulic arm. The states of open and close are determined
by a touch sensor on top of the mount
for the 40 tooth gear.

Around back you see
the crane arm, hydraulic tank mount,
and touch sensor on the arm that triggers
open and close events.

Notice the entire
arm is mounted on a turntable for 180 degree crane

I tried to make the
hydraulic pump self pumping by connecting
it to the arm rotation gears.
That didn’t really
work too well.
Here is the movie
of the walker in action.

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