Rebel Tank One

I didn’t remember seeing many tanks in the middle three Star Wars movies.

The new Star Wars
sets include many new and cool
pieces. I just could not resist
trying to add to the Star
Wars universe with a few ground
assault vehicles for the Rebel Alliance…Here is the first
tank built from the Star Wars

The Rebel Assault
Tank sports 6 modified x-wing assault cannons.
Four in front and two for the rear
gunner. In addition, front mounted grenade
launchers can clear any path
of irritating Empire personnel.

A side view shows
the rear assault cannons and a better view of the
grenade launchers. Each cannon is fed
by a fiber optic power plant on
the roof
of the tank.

Notice the side panels
that can fold up for up close
combat among troops.

With the side panels
up, windowed portals provide the perfect
cover for small weapons fire from within the
tanks. Up to four Luke mini-figs can
man these portals. Also notice that each
tread section is powered by two
engines…nothing stops this tank.

The back of the tank
shows the decorative armor that can fold
up into attack position.

The armor folds out
(looks like a monster) and then….

folds up out of the
way of the back gunner’s cockpit and weapons.

Here, snowspeeder
Luke awaits in anticipation of the fight on this
strange pink planet.
Since this is controlled
by an RCX, I made a movie of it in action.
Click Here.

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