First Synchro Drive

A long time ago, I tried to build a synchro drive robot.

Synchro Drive Test 1
This is a test of a synchro drive robot.

This two wheel model
uses one motor to drive both turntable
bases and two motors to provide
power to the left and right wheels. I use
skid plates on the bottom of the
RCX for balance.

The back. Notice the
radar antennae that are connected
to the top of the axles that
rotate the turntables. They are
just for fun (same for the fiberoptic
kit on top).

The top view shows
the left side with the worm gear driving
the turntables and the radar dish. To
the left is the drive shaft for the wheel.

Here is an inside
peak at the wheel shaft power system.

Here is the wheel
drive mechanism. This design was stolen
from a few different sights.
is a quicktime movie
of this test.

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