Six Legged Walker

A clean six-legged robot that moves quickly.

WalkBot 2
Time to make a six-legged

This bot has a very
low center of gravity thanks to the low
mounting of the RCX. Mounting the RCX as
low as possible really helps the stability
of most of my walker designs.

There are two motors
hidden inside the RCX “cage”.
One motor for each set
of three legs. If I had more 40-tooth
gears I would have used
those on the outside for a larger step.
You can see the problems with
a small step in the movie below.

Notice that each side
is one stud offset. This
allowed the motors to both be
mounted underneath.

The other side….ahhh.

A really bad shot
of the underside.
The only cool parts are the
tiny wheels for feet.

Here is a good shot
of the gearing system.

On top a 9V battery
pack and extra motor to run
the fiber optics.
Here is the quicktime
movie of the walker in action.

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