Building An Amazon Echo on the Raspberry Pi Model B Revision 2

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  1. Sam Machin says:

    Awesome post Richard, glad somebody has tested it out on the V1 Pi, I suspected it would work but didn’t get around to trying as there’s so much else I need to implement/fix!

    Would you mind if I used your post for the basis of a setup guide? Especially the section on the amazon credentials, One of the things near the top of my list is to improve the setup experience.

    By the way I’ve just released v1.1 as a beta which has some fairly major changes, particularly using vlc instead of mpg123 so we can now playback some of the music apps, I’d be interested to see how that runs on the original pi.

    • Rich Thompson says:

      Sure, please use it. I’ll pull the 1.1 code and test sometime later this week. I’d be curious to see how it works as well.

  2. DanielS says:

    For starters, I much prefer your wiring layout, just makes more sense, and allowed me to connect my switch up directly bypassing the breadboard.

    However I can’t seem to get the refresh_token generated during the auth stage.
    I have to open http (not https) for :5000 during the initial setup stage (ssl doesn’t connect, not even with a self signed cert) afterwards I get an error page from amazon after clicking Okay allow on the popup window and get from amazon:

    We’re sorry!
    An error occurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured, we’re already working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly.

    I’ve been getting this all week so I believe it’s something in the cherrypy capture session of the refresh_token that’s broken.

    I see this (screenshot):

    Any thought’s? Otherwise I’ve been able to follow your guide perfectly and am so close to getting my raspberry pi B working as an echo as well!

    • Rich Thompson says:

      Check your Allow Origins and Alllowed Returns URLs. Make sure you entered the raspberry PI IP address and also go ahead and add in your actual raspberry Pi hostname as well. Then re-auth.

  3. I was hoping I could get Alexa to switch those 2 leds – and then extend that to other IOT items on my LAN

    Seems not?

    Have you any pointers to IOT control once this setup works?

  4. I also get
    “We’re sorry!
    An error occurred when we tried ….etc” all week

    I did your “Check your Allow Origins and Allowed Returns URLs”
    They are as instructed – I am puzzled that Allowed Returns URLs are not open web addresses – they are on my local LAN
    I have just found this!

    I am now wondering what happens if the Pi reboots under cron control. Can it get the code by itself? – or perhaps you just have to leave it live and hope for no crashes.

    (side note – none of my Pis runs for weeks on end – my routers and Arduino seem rock solid)

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