13 thoughts on “Somatic, A Summerboard Theme For The iTouch and iPhone

  1. How are you suppose to get these themes on your phone? They are not available through the apptap installer on the the iphone. Why doesn’t the author upload them to one of the sources available through installer? Make life easier for all us non programers. And make the theme more available. Because the themes on your site, are by far, the BEST themes I have ever seen for the iphone. David Lanham is one of my favorite designers and I would be so happy if I could have his icons on my phone like I do on my macs desktop.

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  3. Very Nice! I thought it was a ANDROID phone theme..I was thinking “it would be great if itouch can have this”, and when I lookup for the title~ what a surprise! I got a question: do you have to jailbreak the itouch to use this? (in other words, does Apple allow itouch users to customize theme?) Thanks!

  4. Nice theme. I’m actually currently in the middle of making a very extensive version of a Somatic theme for the iPhone 4 with HD graphics that should be backwards capable with iPhone, and iPod that don’t support the high resolution graphics. I’ll probably post my results on my blog when I’m finished, but until then it’s still in the works. I’ve been in contact with David Lanham to make sure I have his approval when it’s all finished. But it will probably continue work on it after since there is a ever growing set of icons to support the theme.

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