WiiAfter spending several weeks with our Wii, I think another quick review is in order. The Wii has not lost its playability as we keep trying new games (mainly through the game rental service GameFly). So far the games we have kept from our rental have been Boogie and Mario Party 8. But we have tried Excite Truck and Elebits, though neither one worked for our Wii parties or younger kids.

The big games we are looking forward to trying are Mario Strikers Charged, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (mainly for me), and Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree. I wish there were better golf games…something hard where I would hit the occasional bogie.

So far, I think renting games through GameFly has been the best choice for us. We would have spent over $200 but instead I simply setup the GameFly 10 day trial. You don’t need a code to get the 10 day trial…there is a link on the page that say no code, no problem.

Wii BoogieGame rentals aside, so far the most hilarious game has been Boogie. There are several play modes, including single dance, dance-off “party mode” and karaoke. I have read multiple on-line reviews that discount the game since the dance mode is simply moving the Wiimote around on beat. I think the reviewers missed the point of the game. When you have more than two people playing (we’ve played Boogie with 18 people), the karaoke mode is hilarious, especially if you let someone else do you dancing while you sing.

The best overall family game is Mario Party 8. My daughters, my wife and I have logged many hours on this game. The best adult game would have to be Wii Sports tennis. Not the sit on the couch variety, but get up and dive for the ball. I am pretty sure this version of Tennis will cost me a Wiimote as some point.

three_001.jpgOne of my many Lego NXT project ideas is to build a Rocker-Bogie system similar to the Mars Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity rovers. It turns out a similar mechanism is ipresented by Brian Bagnall in his book titled Maximum Lego NXT: Building Robots with Java Brains.

While I wait on that book to move from my Amazon wish list, to my shipping list, I found a few interesting videos:

And a site by Kevin Knuth where the rocker bogie suspension has already been built. Kevin’s site has a few more video examples.

WiiSo my brother in law brought his Wii to town and I decided I needed one after playing for around four hours with my family. I found one on eBay and managed to get it and four controllers without playing much more than retail. Finding a Nintendo Wii around here is like finding a pot full of gold surrounded by unicorns.

Once the Wii arrived, we spent about 6 hours playing with Wii Sports. I found that a few rounds of boxing really cause me to work up a sweat. Maria has become pretty good at golf (her Pop Pop would be proud) and Veronica bowls around 180.

For some reason, we have also obsessed over creating our Mii characters as well.

Since I have been working hard at boxing and getting sore doing it, I have evolved a bit of a work out routine around the Wii. The hour of boxing each morning has me ready to look into the Wii Fit when it becomes available.

Check out the trailer from e3 on the Wii Fit for more detail:

Or check out WiiLiving for an additional Wii Fit walk through.