After seeing the SplashLight from Avoooq and enjoying the image of a pouring bottle lamp, I felt I had to make one and make it awesome. My first idea was to recycle a lamp from around the house and create something completely new. I discovered that all my lamps already had a good use case. So I dug into the electronics drawers and found I had an unused Arduino UNO and enough electronic bits and lights to build my own lamp.

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I got tired of having to remind myself how to setup handbrake for DVD ripping. Yes I am ripping my own DVDs for Kindle, iPad, iPod and Android Tablets. Here are the fast instructions for Windows 64-bit computers DVD ripping and the software is all free.



    • Make sure you rename your downloaded file to libdvdcss.dll and *do not* leave it named libdvdcss-2.dll as you have downloaded it.



    • Copy this libdvdcss.dll file to the /Program Files/HandBrake/ folder.


    • Run Handbrake. You may get a startup error when you run the program. Close it and run the program again.


    • Find you source video by clicking the source button in handbrake and choosing your DVD.


    • Select the iPad preset since it will be most compatible.


    • Set you destination folder by selecting the browse button by the Destination line. Choose the desktop of your computer so you can find the video and move it to your kindle or other device.


  • On the kindle the file will show up in the Gallery…not Videos. Genius.

One of the things I missed when I moved from Linux to Mac OSX was the ability to display Flickr photo feeds as the background of my monitor desktop. Dave Winer fixed part of the equation for me by setting up FlickrFan which allowed me to grab Flickr feeds and bring them to my computer. Assigning the pictures for use as a screen saver or archiving is trivial but what I really wanted was to have the pictures displayed as my desktop background while I worked. Here is how I did it:

Once you have setup the screen saver you want in the Mac System Preferences you need to create two small scripts. The first script called RunScreenSaver (or whatever you wish) contains this simple code.

/Contents/MacOS/ScreenSaverEngine -background &>/dev/null & echo $!

Make sure the /System/…/ScreenSaverEngine path is all one line above. WordPress wants to break it apart for formatting reasons.

The second script called KillScreenSaver (or whatever you wish) contains this simple code.

killall ScreenSaverEngine

Be sure to make both script files executable by typing this in your terminal.app:

chmod a+x RunScreenSaver
chmod a+x KillScreenSaver

Or you can simply download both scripts.

When you want the background running, run the first script by double clicking it in the finder and when you want to stop the background run the second script by double clicking it in the finder. Of course, you can also run each script from the terminal.app:



Dave Winer over at Scripting News did a quick video of this effect:

I created a Summerboard theme around the Star Trek LCARS interface. This theme is based on the original iPhone theme by Kevin Rohrman (kevin@themonsterjam.com).

The iCARS theme includes a wallpaper you can put in /Library/Wallpaper to set the lock screen. This theme requires that you load and order your applications very specifically. You must read the details after the jump or you will not get this theme to look like anything but a jumbled mess.

iCars, a Star Trek LCARS Summerboard Theme for iPhone and iPod Touch

The First Screen

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