March 2003 Screenshot

Another dekstop screenshot:

I felt so unclean after running windowsxp for a week, that I dumped both KDE and Gnome on linux and tried a few different window managers. After trying the majority, I settled on my old friend Enlightenment. It has all the eye candy that I like to load up on windows, but the distinctive feel of linux. PLUS, I have to work at it a little harder to tweak it out just right…and it is oh so tweakable. Of coure, for Enlightenment, I don’t create my own eye candy yet, but lots of other people are glad to share theirs.

February 2003 Screenshot

Another dekstop screenshot:

I am still running linux. I actually went back to windows for 1 week, but my machine (Windows XP SP1) would not stop blue screening every time I transferred files across the network. I tried all the base troubleshooting of drivers, but no go. So, back to what I know…

December 2002 Screenshot

It has been a while since I posted a desktop screenshot:

Yes I switched back to linux. The SP2 license agreement for Microsoft’s WinXP pissed me off…They wanted the right to make changes to my computer without my prior approval. Not likely unless I can make changes to their website without their approval.