I am considering a new car this year or next. One of the big points to consider is fuel cost over the next few years. I believe that we will look back on the early 21st century as a time of cheap gas. With that in mind I am looking at the available and soon to be available gas/electric hybrid cars. There are lots of interesting opinions on the Toyota Prius and I do find myself attracted to the styling and features of the Prius. Of course, there are other, smaller choices as well. I am also atrracted to the top end lexus hybrid but I can’t justify the cost.

The Prius is very hackable and this is a good thing as my current car, a Pontiac Aztek, has been hacked in many ways.

It seems the wait and see approach to the Prius and hybrids in general is pretty common, so I am in no rush. And it seems there are some religious issues about owning a Prius that I had not considered.

In the end, the Toyota Prius has a stong lead over the other cars I have surveyed. Of course, your opinion is welcome.

BIOS Tech Guides has reviewed Dell’s brand-new low-cost laser printer. The printer is low cost but it delivers high performance and good print quality. There are some problems, no network connection, no auto duplexing, no MacOSX support and on 2MB of RAM. But for the price, this greyscale laser printer is tough to beat. Hopefully we will see a price war on the horizon for laser printers. I really am tired of inkjets…

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