The Office Treadmill Desk

Ever since I saw the treadmill desk at Book of Joe, I have wanted to set my office up with a treadmill. In preparation for a big computer parts yard sale at my house, I decided after cleaning out my office that there was more than enough room to incorporate the treadmill. So here it…


The Lego NXT Robotics Toolset: 32-bit Processor, More Memory, USB Connectivity to the PC for programming, BlueTooth so your phone can control the robot, Bump Sensor, Light Sensor, Sound Sensor, and RangeFinder Sensor. This is the RCX upgrade we were hoping for…downside, not backward compatible (so what). You want more details? Check out the Lego…

Why Lego Lost Interest In Mindstorms

A nice analysis of why Lego has seemingly lost interest in the Mindstorms line: Lego launched the Lego Mindstorms line of programmable toy brick construction sets with a lot of fanfare back in the fall of 1998, but in recent years the company has lost all enthusiasm for the Mindstorms line. For several years now,…

Military Robots Numbers On The Rise

The Boston University Photonics Department and iRobot Corp. have teamed up to produce a new mobile military robot designed to detect enemy snipers in the battlefield, which may be used by the United States in the Middle East. via The Daily Free Press

Driving Mr. Thrun…

At first, Sebastian Thrun didn’t feel quite comfortable behind the wheel of the modified Volkswagen Touareg R5 named Stanley. That’s understandable, because he wasn’t driving… via MSN

The Slow March Of Robots Into Our Lives

There’s a new breed of thinking robots on the loose. They can cross deserts, fight wars and explore space – as well as read your e-mails, look out for burglars, clean your house and persuade you to join them for a work-out. Resistance is futile, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve… via The Independent


It sounds like a crazy idea, build a beer dispensing robot that tracks how much you drink, you blood alchol content, your calories and unleash it upon an unsuspecting DEFCON. The results are pure genius and something every beer drinking hacker should aspire to build. via Make: Blog

iRobot to Go Public

If you are a big fan of the Roomba or you just bought a few Military Style Packbots, you might think that owning a piece of the robotic future would be prudent. Forbes thinks you would be wrong. via Make: Blog