My NXT arrived today so with the help of the kids, we build the first level robot and had some fun with programming. So far it is a better experience than my first hours with the original Mindstorms RCX (spent several hours on the phone with tech support). Building the first robot took about 20 minutes, including unwrap time with the help of twelve, five and four year old girls.


Click the picture for some quick pictures, including the new slimline turntables that I wish I could purchase in a 10 pack. More pictures will be posted to that gallery as we build through the different robots.

Of course, I shot a few simple videos:

A nice analysis of why Lego has seemingly lost interest in the Mindstorms line:

Lego launched the Lego Mindstorms line of programmable toy brick construction sets with a lot of fanfare back in the fall of 1998, but in recent years the company has lost all enthusiasm for the Mindstorms line. For several years now, Lego has not introduced any new Mindstorms sets, and the company has discontinued almost everything in the Mindstorms line apart from the core Robotics Invention System (RIS) set. Sadly, even the RIS is not faring lucky as it has not had an update since 2001. Lego seems to have relegated the Mindstorms line to niche status and frozen its development.

Lego Mindstorms, What Went Wrong