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Neopixel Lamp

After seeing the SplashLight from Avoooq and enjoying the image of a pouring bottle lamp, I felt I had to make one and make it awesome. My first idea was to recycle a lamp from...


An Arduino Compatible Hexapod

I had a chance to build the iitsii Robugtix hexapod and took some time to play with BigFoot Inverse Kinematics engine that comes with the platform. The engine really simplifies the gait...


MorphHex Robot

The MorphHex robot looks to be an interesting and rapidly evolving robot type. There is a nice write up on it and other types at


Hot Springs and Creepy Carnival Rides

I’ve been playing more with slow motion video on IOS. Here is a shot from Hot Springs, Arkansas: Hot Springs from Rich Thompson on Vimeo. I also took a very creepy carnival...



I went down a rabbit hole working on OSX ACLs, luckily this page on OSX ACLs was around to help out.


Quad Holomonic Drive Robot

Over at RJ McNamara’s Blog, he has put together a new Quad Holomonic Drive Robot based on the LEGO® NXT. The robot uses dual Rotacaster® Omni-wheels on each of the four axis’s...

September at The Memphis Zoo 0

September at The Memphis Zoo

I’ve been a big fan of my Casio EXILIM Pro EX-F1 mainly because it takes fantastic high speed (300-1200 frames per second) video. It makes for some interesting movies at a minimum....