A Hybrid Perhaps

I am considering a new car this year or next. One of the big points to consider is fuel cost over the next few years. I believe that we will look back on the early 21st century as a time of cheap gas. With that in mind I am looking at the available and soon to be available gas/electric hybrid cars. There are lots of interesting opinions on the Toyota Prius and I do find myself attracted to the styling and features of the Prius. Of course, there are other, smaller choices as well. I am also atrracted to the top end lexus hybrid but I can’t justify the cost.

The Prius is very hackable and this is a good thing as my current car, a Pontiac Aztek, has been hacked in many ways.

It seems the wait and see approach to the Prius and hybrids in general is pretty common, so I am in no rush. And it seems there are some religious issues about owning a Prius that I had not considered.

In the end, the Toyota Prius has a stong lead over the other cars I have surveyed. Of course, your opinion is welcome.